Carry Your Building In Your Pocket:
How Building Owners & Managers Can Remotely Identify & Resolve HVAC Problems with BAS

When you take the information in this guide to heart, you’ll see how the right BAS can equip you with all of the information, control, and efficiency you’ll need to make the buildings you manage the very best facilities they can be. 

Here at ODIN, the idea of carrying a building in your pocket isn’t merely a clever illustration, but a tangible and practical reality.

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With the information in this eBook, you can learn how a BAS can help you:

  • Improve the control you have over your building

  • Increase your overall profit margins

  • Streamline your building’s various HVAC systems

  • Prevent, identify, and resolve problems

  • Seamlessly manage your building remotely

  • And more!

Your building’s HVAC systems are rarely simple. However, when you equip your building with the right building automation system (BAS), they no longer need to be the complicated, finicky systems that they once were.