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Remote installation of ODIN is available if you meet the following criteria:

☑️ Is your BAS BACnet supported?

☑️ Do you have continued internet connection?

☑️ Is there at least one PC on your automation network?

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Mobile Access

Remotely set schedules, adjust commandable BACnet objects, view trends, and navigate across all your sites with an Apple or Android app.

Unlimited Users

Seamlessly add and remove as many users to a site as needed. Customize user access for read/write, read-only, and specify object visibility.

Single Log In

ODIN will integrate to different building management system manufacturers, then consolidate them to a single user interface.


Integrate and adjust existing BACnet schedules associated with grouped BACnet objects


Create alarms and notifications received through email, text, or push notifications via mobile app.

Upgrade Anytime

License upgrades can be applied anytime. Limit one active free ODINbasic per customer.

ODIN compliments the service management tools that you already use, and enables you to immediately respond to alarm notifications and evaluate an entire building HVAC system status in real time.

We look forward to demonstrating how you can Connect with ODIN.

Erik Maseng